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The synthesis of the various special climates in Burgenland together with nature-tuned vineyard management and state-of-the art cellar techniques guarantee the top quality of our wines. The warm and sunny climate in Burgenland in particular is crucial for the wine quality. The nearby Lake Neusiedl accounts for rising temperatures in the summer which consequently lead to higher sugar gradations and full-bodied wines. The deep and loamy soils on which the grapes ripen are an additional important criterion, since they influence directly the character of the wines and are thus responsible for their powerful compactness. We focus on the production of red wines like Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt. The classical regional white wine type Grüner Veltliner complements our range of products.

The typical aroma of our wines is characterized by forest fruits and herbal spices. The wines have great potential to become magnificent ones, featuring a dense structure and prominent tannins, that may seem quite astringent at first, yet they soften and become silkier as the wine matures. Therefore these fine wines have long aging potential.